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Bonito is a female-led branding & design agency for purpose-driven companies. We help change-makers like you, create change.

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our expertise

Branding & design for purpose-driven brands
Our branding & design agency is specialised in creating and managing brands for change-makers. It’s our primary goal to help your brand establish and communicate its powerful identity, including your brand values, message, visual identity and overall strategy.

Our ultimate goal is to help your business become a strong, trustworthy and recognisable brand that resonates with your target audience and sets you apart from your competitors. Together we can make the world a better place.    


All of our projects are guided by social values and a purpose much bigger than making profit. We work with brands and people with whom we relate, support and recommend.

European Coffee Symposium homepage

European Coffee Symposium

Website Design & Development
A laptop screen displaying a website for Team GB House, promoting the Team GB House experience for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The screen features bold text stating "ENJOY THE OLYMPICS LIKE NEVER BEFORE" and mentions the event dates from July 26th to August 11th. There are several images of people celebrating, athletes, and a woman speaking into a microphone. The website has navigation links for Ticket Info, About the Experience, Schedule, and FAQs, with a prominent "CHOOSE DATES" button.

Team GB House

Website Design & Development

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about us

Creativity to boost your cause
As a branding & design agency, we help you build your brand identity, shape your message and share it with the world. We offer expertise in brand development, branding, graphic design, and website design.

We are passionate. We are fast. We are excellent at what we do. We've got your back cover to accelerate the impact you want to make.


Bonito have done an amazing job on our website relaunch. They came back with a proposal that not only looks amazing, but also really works from a CX perspective. Since we launched the site, traffic is up and, most importantly conversions are up as well. As a founder, I finally feel the site reflects the brand I want us to be... that is a testament to Bonito's understanding of the brief, empathy for the brand, and technical capability to build something that looks great and really works.

Working with Bonito has been a truly excellent and seamless experience. Christa and Liza worked with me on Balance Festival to redesign and modify the website, also creating bespoke functions for our specific needs. Their knowledge, insight and recommendations have been immeasurably helpful. Their speedy communication and readiness to action urgent requests quickly has also been greatly appreciated. Thank you!

The team at Bonito helped us to level up our brand and website in a way that we couldn't even envision at the start of the project! They adeptly navigated ambiguity from our internal team as we worked toward a shared vision that would best reflect our services. From beginning to end, Christa and Liza were true professionals who clearly dedicate time and energy to in-depth discovery and planning that makes them feel like an extension of your team. They were able to craft an updated version of our brand that we know will inspire our stakeholders and help us deliver on our mission.

Bonito took massive strain off of me! I had a clear vision for what I wanted us to represent: our values and our energy - but how does that look visually? The team approach all their work with genuine care for our dreams, I feel supported.

Being able to work with Bonito Studio was so easy and fun! The ladies at Bonito are creative, passionate, and truly talented. They knew right away what we wanted and made it happen. We couldn’t be more thankful and happy with what they created! Be ready to be mind blown by their talent.

A picture of Monica Say, the founder of Code With Nano.
Monica Say
Founder Code With Nano


Why is contacting a branding & design agency a smart move?
Sometimes a company needs an “impartial voice” - a group that will bring balance to decision making related with branding.

If you have tried to do branding on your own – creating and designing a logo, choosing a colour palette– then it’s time to get some real help. We say BE different, stand out, don’t do things based on what you like; think about your target audience and what they want.

That’s why you hire an agency to give you data, input, insights so you can sit and relax. Branding agencies have a group of people specialised in branding: logo design, colour palettes, brand guidelines, brand identity, etc. and gives your company the opportunity to focus on building the business and leave the graphic design for the experts.

A branding agency is the ONE that builds, creates, and guides you the way you need to communicate your uniqueness, your values, what’s your voice, your purpose and doing it in a beautiful and functional way.

A branding agency creates more than a logo.

A good branding agency will build a story that will be compelling with your target audience. They know and understand your whole story – beginning, challenges, aha moment and, that’s the narrative they will use to build all the messages that you share across all platforms.
What does a branding agency do exactly?
- Creates and designs brands.
- Specialises in rebranding.
- Helps create, develop, design, and maintain your brand.
- Understands your core message and transform that into a visual concept.
What are Bonito Studio specialities?
-      Brand identity
-      Packaging design
-      Visual identity
-      Naming
-      Brand guidelines
-      Brand book
-      Website design
Who works at a branding agency?
Normally branding agencies have:
- Designers
- Developers
- Copywriters
- Strategists
- Creative directors
- SEO specialists
- Content creators