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Envision a world where your dream venture—be it an art workshop in the heart of Paris, a culinary tour through the vibrant streets of Tokyo, or a breathtaking skydiving experience over the Alps—transforms from mere imagination to a flourishing reality. Easol is a comprehensive platform designed to elevate, streamline, and expand your experience-driven business effortlessly and with style. We blend exceptional web design with Easol’s modular, no-code store building to offer a bespoke solution tailored for any experience you can dream of – wellness, adventure, festivals, sports, food & drink, and more. We craft your website on Figma with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every pixel reflects your vision. Then, using Easol's customizable blocks, we bring that vision to life, offering a seamless, code-free path to a stunning, immersive online presence.
An open laptop rests on a textured beige sofa, showing the website for off-grid cabins for digital detox. Beside the laptop is a smartphone displaying a page from the same website, emphasizing the theme of connecting with nature and unplugging from digital devices. The setting is homey and comfortable, suggesting a person's preparation or research for a getaway that promises relaxation and a break from the digital world.
Say goodbye to the hurdles of crafting a captivating experience
Struggling with platforms that don't fit your unique needs? Easol is designed for experience-driven businesses, offering a perfect fit that grows with you.
The daunting world of web design and development simplified. No design or coding knowledge? No problem.
Quick, hassle-free setups to take your business live without the wait.
Christa Ponce from Bonito Studio is seen from above, standing at a wooden table and writing on a digital tablet with a stylus. An open laptop, a blue mug, and another tablet or digital device are also on the table. She is wearing a white blouse and white pants, suggesting a neat, professional look. The environment appears to be a workspace with a warm and inviting ambiance.
A smartphone rests on a textured beige surface, displaying a webpage for "JOYRIDE FESTIVAL", scheduled for 17-20 October 2024. The page invites viewers to a legendary experience with an option to "DISCOVER MORE". A black coffee cup and an open book with a beige cover are also placed next to the phone, suggesting a relaxing moment possibly during a planning session. The setting seems to be a cozy nook, ideal for contemplation or casual reading.
Simplifying your experience's digital journey
Efficiency: Launch your site swiftly, ensuring your experience goes from concept to reality faster than ever.
Tailored Design: Benefit from a website that's not just built but crafted, with a professional and personalized touch that stands out.
Cost-Effective: Achieve a high-caliber, engaging digital presence at a fraction of the cost of traditional web development, enhancing the attendee experience.

Easol Design & No-Code Development

Easol Design & No-Code Development

Easol Design & No-Code Development

Easol Design & No-Code Development

Easol Design & No-Code Development

Easol Design & No-Code Development

Easol Design & No-Code Development

Easol Design & No-Code Development

Easol Design & No-Code Development

Welcome to the future of experiences: streamlined, effective, and uniquely yours
With our seamless Figma-to-Easol process, your digital presence will be as memorable as the experiences you create


Timeline: As from 2 weeks
A vibrant digital presence as an extension of your unique experience, ready to captivate and engage your attendees.
What's included

figma starter design

easol build up to 5 pages

No-code website development. Custom development possible upon request. See FAQ's.

Desktop & mobile optimization

Basic SEO Optimization

2H Post-launch design & development support

2 revision rounds

Investment: Starting at 6700 EUR

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Zo gaan we te werk

A cheerful Liza Ponce from Bonito Studio sits in a bright, airy room with large windows, casually holding a stylus and a digital tablet with a foldable cover. She is wearing a black shirt and a necklace, and is seemingly engaged in a conversation with someone opposite her, whose silhouette is slightly visible in the foreground. The environment suggests a creative and collaborative workspace.

Initiële consultatie

We beginnen met een grondige bespreking om het volledige bereik van je project te begrijpen, zodat geen enkel detail over het hoofd wordt gezien.
Christa Ponce from Bonito Studio in a coral blouse sits at a wooden table, working on a laptop and using a digital drawing tablet with a stylus. There's a glass of water beside her, and she appears focused on her screen. The room has a classic feel with a decorative marble fireplace in the background.

Maken van een routekaart

We schetsen een routekaart van opleveringen, waarbij we transparante verwachtingen stellen voor het project.
Christa Ponce from Bonito Studio is viewed from behind while working at a wooden desk on a laptop with a colorful screen, displaying a creative project. She is using a digital graphic tablet and stylus, indicating that she iis engaged in graphic design work. Christa is wearing a coral-colored top, and there's a clear glass of water on the desk, with a classic style door and wall in the background.

Iteratieve ontwikkeling

Via een cyclus van feedback en herwerking leveren we het project af.

TRUSTED by these world-class experiences

Success stories

Wavysail Ocean Adventures

Bonito have done an amazing job on our website relaunch. They came back with a proposal that not only looks amazing, but also really works from a CX perspective. Since we launched the site, traffic is up and, most importantly conversions are up as well. As a founder, I finally feel the site reflects the brand I want us to be... that is a testament to Bonito's understanding of the brief, empathy for the brand, and technical capability to build something that looks great and really works.

Andrew Cowen
Principal & Co-Founder
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Balance Festival

Working with Bonito has been a truly excellent and seamless experience. Christa and Liza worked with me on Balance Festival to redesign and modify the website, also creating bespoke functions for our specific needs. Their knowledge, insight and recommendations have been immeasurably helpful. Their speedy communication and readiness to action urgent requests quickly has also been greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Sophie Wolf
Marketing Manager
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Frequently asked questions
What is no-code website development?
No-code website development is a method of building a website without needing to write code. Instead, you use a visual interface to design and build your website, using customizable blocks and templates.
Is custom development possible?
Yes, custom development is available starting at 135 EUR/h. If you want a full scope quote, please book a discovery call to discuss your project.
What if I need more than 6 pages for my website?
Additional pages can be purchased à la carte, allowing for flexibility in the scope of your website.