SERES is a grassroots organization working in Central America and is recognized worldwide by UNESCO. For thirteen years SERES has worked with youth in Guatemala and El Salvador providing resources, skills, and services to foster active engagement towards improving health and educational outcomes, all while building resilience and protecting ecosystems.

Rebranding • Website Design • Graphic Design • Collateral


Client: SERES
Art Direction & Design: Christa Ponce
Photography: SERES

the challenge

SERES is an acronym that stands for "social equity, resilience, and ecological sustainability"; It is a young, active, vibrant, and energetic organization. Since their foundation, the team has worked to reflect these values.

After celebrating its tenth anniversary, the SERES team wanted to refresh its look and feel, while maintaining certain elements that have allowed them to be recognized and well positioned everywhere. 

The Our Team page design in both desktop and mobile version from the rebranded SERES website.
our approach

We identified the opportunity for SERES to refresh its branding by having a more modern and relatable look and feel, so its target audience could identify with it. 

We redesigned their brand using as a basis the brand's personality, values, mission, and vision. We created clear brand guidelines so the internal team and external partners could have a guide to the key visual elements of the brand strategy.

We started by redesigning of the SERES logo. We knew that for ten years the organization had built a reputation locally and globally, so we had to maintain certain elements that would allow them to continue having a high level of recall. At the same time, we integrated much more modern but simple typographies to be legible. The color palette was refined as we wanted to keep the color palette closer to the original which harmonizes in almost any combination and helps create a stronger visual identity.

Being an organization that shares success stories, defining images and photography guidelines were key to transmitting stories that the public can identify as authentic.

Once the proposal was approved, we were able to work on the website redesign for SERES. We created a much user-friendly, warmer page, managing to unify the SERES brand identity on all its digital platforms.

The cover of SERES' brand book defining the use guidelines for the redesigned brand.
A close-up to the interior pages of SERES' brand book defining the use guidelines for the redesigned brand.An image of a couple of pages from the Theory of Change, a collateral (printed document) piece designed for SERES. The document provides an overview of SERES’ theory of
change and pedagogical approach.

Our client's thoughts

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