Freedom Forward

Freedom Forward is working hard to prevent commercial sexual exploitation of youth in San Francisco by transforming the systems that too often contribute to their exploitation. They focus on two initiatives, one is a center that provides services and resources for young people, and another is a new model of family-based foster designed to meet the needs of youth.

Branding • Graphic Design • Collateral


Client: Freedom Forward
Art Direction: Christa Ponce
Design: Christa Ponce & Ana Linde

the challenge

Even though Freedom Forward had general branding guidelines, its initiatives didn’t have a defined look and feel for each one of them, and there was a missing connection with the global brand. This generated confusion between the beneficiaries themselves and the organization target audiences.

An ipad displaying an infographic designed for Freedom Forward's 2021 Annual Report.
our approach

We identified the challenge of unifying the different initiatives so that they would have their own identity but at the same time be able to relate to the global brand. We had to give a more modern and friendly air to the initiatives that could be attractive to a very young target. 

We started by understanding who the audience was for each initiative, knowing their likes, dislikes, challenges, etc. to establish their own identity. We refined the color palettes of the initiatives, logo applications, typographies, icons, and business cards and we finished with the creation of a brand book for each initiative.

In the end we had different initiatives, with different approaches, that have certain elements that unify them with each other.

A collection of slides from a PowerPoint presentation template designed for Freedom Forward and its initiatives.
A collection of Freedom Forward and its initiatives brand kits, including FAM - Family and Me; Hype Center; and Launcpads.A collateral piece designed for Freedom Forward: two interior pages with an infographic summarising the most important achievements of Freedom Forward and its initiatives during 2020, part of Freedom Forward's 2020 Annual Report.

Our client's thoughts

Freedom Forward
Freedom Forward
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