Corrina Grace

Corrina is a social entrepreneur, engineer, sustainability leader and bilingual facilitator with 15+ years building and strengthening social impact organisations.

Branding • Website Design


Client: Corrina Grace
Art Direction & Design: Christa Ponce
Strategy: Liza Ponce
Photography: Javier Borrayo for Corrina Grace

the challenge

Corrina Grace is a social entrepreneur, engineer, and sustainability leader who has over 15 years of working in the building and strengthening social impact organizations. 10+ years living and working with disenfranchised, economically marginalized communities on the frontlines of climate change has solidified a personal commitment to ensuring justice and equality for People +Planet, a commitment that shapes her work at all levels.

In recent years Corrina has experienced a transition from being the founder of a non-profit organization in Guatemala to become a fundraising and systemic change consultant for various organizations around the world. Her experience and her proposal of how to change the narrative of systemic change is based on the understanding that the world is interdependent and interconnected.

This led Corrina to decide how to position herself as an author and leader of meaningful and transformative change. She needed to have an impactful brand that could capture and reflect who she is.

An image of an ipad laying on top of a wooden table. The ipad is showing a slide of Bonito Studios' Brand Identity Workshop for Corrina Grace's brand.
our approach

As experts in branding, we recommend starting with discovering and defining who Corrina is. Answering questions such as why she does what she does, how she does it, what are her values, and what's her message led us to have a solid foundation about Corrina and build her brand, together.

For Bonito, being able to hear first-hand who Corrina is, her struggles, her wins, her dreams, her challenges, her achievements, and where she is going was key to being able to land a brand that reflects Corrina's identity and how she wants to project herself with her audience.

Once we defined her brand, we were able to build the website where Corrina's story is shared. Her message can be seen throughout the website: how Corrina is supporting ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

An image of the layout of a presentation template designed for Corrina Grace.
An image of The Weaver's Way landing page designed for Corrina Grace. The landing page is part of the website designed for the client and The Weaver's Way is Corrina Grace's brand new book.An image of a laptop on top of a wooden desk showing the Coaching service section from Corrina Grace's website designed by Bonito Studio.

Our client's thoughts

Corrina Grace
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