The “entrepreneurship dream”… is it a thing?

Liza Ponce from Bonito Studio reflecting on Bonito's Anniversary.
Do you own a business? Lucky you. You can always chill because someone else will do the work for you...
Nobody talks about entrepreneurship as a survival, but that's exactly what it is and what nurtures creative thinking.
- Anita Roddick


You work when you want, you travel when you want, you don't have a boss telling you what do to, if you don't feel like working you don’t work and you relax, and you have money. Lots of money.

These are some of the phrases we've heard the most about the famous "entrepreneurship dream." In many conversations with friends, family, and even clients, these comments always come alive.

When we started Bonito Studio, Christa and I believed a lot of these "statements" that ended up being complete lies. 

Don't get me wrong... Bonito is celebrating two years of working with incredible clients around the world and we are certain that we are living the "entrepreneurship dream." It’s just a different version of it.

For those who don't know yet -and for those who already knew - we are a branding and website design studio helping the change-makers, create change.

Since we started in the world of entrepreneurship, we had very clear what our purpose; we defined who is  our ideal client; what services we offer, etc. We imagined our ideal week working 6 hours a day, 4 days a week. Fridays were off.

That’s what we thought having your own business looked like. Do less, earn more, and work with a limited client base.

 What were we thinking?

Our first year looked like that, our business was going well. We had recurring projects that were giving us what we wanted at that time; we thought we were working with ideal clients... and bit by bit things started to change.

The dream began to change.

We never managed to work 6 hours a day, 4days a week because it was impossible to meet deadlines working that way.Obviously.

 Some of the projects we had were not ideal projects or clients, they didn’t share our values​​ and purpose.

Of course, throughout our two years we’ve also worked and delivered amazing projects. However, we continued to work on non-ideal projects.

We let ourselves get carried away by these types of projects, dedicating almost 24/7 and completely forgetting building our studio, and partnering with clients who aligned with with our purpose and values.

We started 2022 discouraged to be honest, hoping that some of these would get better, and at the same time, we were pressured to get new projects.

So... bootcamp time.

The time had come to rethink all of Bonito.Our why, our what, and our how. Not our values, those did not change. We simply gave them the place where they always had to be. 

A female-led creative studio helping change-makers like you, create change.

This is how we can summarise our entrepreneurship dream. It is not based on the fact that we work fewer hours and fewer days...we work 24/7 (FYI Christa lives in Belgium and I live inGuatemala so we cover 24/7); it's not based on how much money we make; it's not based on someone else doing the work for us.

We are living our entrepreneurial dream because we get to work with brands and people that are making change happen around the world.

We laugh. We cry. We fail. We get up.

We keep pushing for our dream.

PS: What we want you to think:

Are you working for your dream or someone else's dream?