SheRaces is a global network of champions, driving change to support female athletes.

Branding • Website design


Client: SheRACES
Art Director: Christa Ponce
Designer: Silvia Marroquín
Project management: Liza Ponce

the challenge

SheRACES seeks to be a platform that helps event organisers understand how to make their events more inclusive; helps brands understand how the sporting events they sponsor can support female runners; helps athletes choose races that provide an equal opportunity to compete and a fair experience when they do.

Like many movements, the SheRACES team knew they had to have a strong brand before launching and sharing their why, so organisations, brands, and runners would want to support their cause.

Although their name is "SheRACES" the team wanted to separate themselves from the classic colours and styles associated with a feminine look. They wanted to show a much more bold, modern and sporty look. A brand with which everyday women, pregnant women, runners of all genders, and sports lovers could relate. They wanted to become speakers in favour of the positive movement and what they set out to represent.

The SheRaces logo on a black background and an image of the digital short brand book created for the brand.
our approach

We identified the opportunity for SheRACES to become a leading movement for the sporting events industry, reaching thousands of women, renowned international brands, and major sporting event organisations in the UK.

SheRACES' goal was to develop a strong, motivated, ambitious, forceful, active, inclusive and friendly brand; a brand that integrates its founder's vision of change and what each woman can bring to the conversation.

We designed the brand from scratch: logo, colour palette, fonts, and logo applications. This was a collaborative and iterative process, and once we were all happy and inspired by the branding we began aligning this vision with the website design. We mapped the initial structure where the mix of powerful pictures and strong copy could communicate the message in a clear way. We made the Call-To-Actions the focal point of the entire website: the movement should inspire action, not rest on words. Through the design, we made completely seamless to go from learning to commitment to the movement.

Two months after its launch, SheRACES has more than 3,000 followers on social media; more than 7 races committed to implementing the SheRaces policies in their events; international brands supporting the movement; and most recently the London Marathon have updated their entry policies for the 2022 event and beyond - including enhanced deferral policies for pregnant and postpartum runners!

An image of a woman using headphones and sitting on top of a yoga mat ready to work out. The woman is using a laptop to check, the website designed by BonitoStudio for SheRACES.
An image of a woman on a running outfit and sitting on top of a yoga mat ready to work out. The woman is using a mobile phone to check an Instagram post from SheRaces.A couple of both digital and printed collateral materials designed for SheRACES.

Our client's thoughts

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