Elevate your brand in a day

In the dynamic business world, consistency is crucial. Yet, numerous businesses fall short, causing customer confusion and missed opportunities. Design VIP Day is a premium one-day intensive that brings your design and marketing aspirations to life. From revitalizing your brand identity to perfecting your website's user experience, we ensure every detail aligns perfectly with your vision.
Christa Ponce from Bonito Studio is seated comfortably on a beige sofa, engaging in a conversation with a client whose back is facing the camera. She holds a stylus and a tablet, suggesting a discussion over brand strategy. Christa is dressed in a black sleeveless top and white pants, accessorized with a watch. The room has a warm, modern decor with abstract art on the wall, a stylish lamp, and decorative vases on a wooden sideboard in the background, creating an inviting and professional atmosphere.
Overcome design hurdles: why you need Design VIP Day
Lacking specialized skills and time? Businesses struggle to achieve high-quality design work, impacting brand perception and competitiveness.
Without a focused team, crucial branding and marketing projects stall, leading to missed opportunities and a sluggish market response.
Absence of professional design oversight results in a fragmented brand identity, confusing customers and diminishing marketing effectiveness.
Two women are engaged in a serious conversation across a table in a room with industrial aesthetics. The woman facing the camera has dark hair and is wearing a navy-blue cardigan over a white top, and the other, seen from the back, has curly hair and is wearing a white shirt with a peach coat draped over her chair. Behind them, a large window with black framing allows natural light to enter, illuminating the exposed white brick wall of what appears to be a creative space.
Christa Ponce from Bonito Studio is smiling and working on her laptop at a wooden table. She's wearing a dark sleeveless top and appears relaxed and focused on her task. Around her are design-related items, including a graphic tablet and color swatches, suggesting a creative work environment. The setting features a bright room with classical architectural details, like decorative molding on the walls and a framed picture, creating a pleasant and stylish workspace.
Accelerate your brand's success
Speed & precision: Accomplish weeks’ worth of design work in a single day. Our focused approach means your projects move from concept to completion faster than ever.
Tailored expertise: Enjoy the undivided attention of our design and communication experts, who craft solutions that are not just effective but uniquely yours.
Impactful results: Walk away with impactful design and marketing elements that elevate your brand, ensuring you make a memorable impression on your audience.

Design VIP Day

Design VIP Day

Design VIP Day

Design VIP Day

Design VIP Day

Design VIP Day

Design VIP Day

Design VIP Day

Design VIP Day

Unlock a day of design transformation
Experience the synergy of expert design and strategic development that turns your vision into reality, swiftly and seamlessly.

Design Day

Timeline: 1 day
Elevate your brand in a day with multi-channel design from brochures to digital content.
What's included

a day dedicated to design:

Email Templates

Social Media Templates

Marketing & Collateral


Onboarding & Sales Presentations

More upon request

Investment: 1200 EUR daily rate

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This is how we’ll do it

A cheerful Liza Ponce from Bonito Studio sits in a bright, airy room with large windows, casually holding a stylus and a digital tablet with a foldable cover. She is wearing a black shirt and a necklace, and is seemingly engaged in a conversation with someone opposite her, whose silhouette is slightly visible in the foreground. The environment suggests a creative and collaborative workspace.

Initial consultation

We start with a thorough discussion to fully understand your project's scope, ensuring no detail is missed.
Christa Ponce from Bonito Studio in a coral blouse sits at a wooden table, working on a laptop and using a digital drawing tablet with a stylus. There's a glass of water beside her, and she appears focused on her screen. The room has a classic feel with a decorative marble fireplace in the background.

Roadmap creation

We outline a roadmap of deliverables, setting transparent expectations for the project.
Christa Ponce from Bonito Studio is viewed from behind while working at a wooden desk on a laptop with a colorful screen, displaying a creative project. She is using a digital graphic tablet and stylus, indicating that she iis engaged in graphic design work. Christa is wearing a coral-colored top, and there's a clear glass of water on the desk, with a classic style door and wall in the background.

Iterative Development

Through a cycle of feedback-driven iterations, we deliver the project exceeding your expectations.

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Frequently asked questions
What services can be covered in the Design VIP Day?
The Design VIP Day covers a wide range of services including but not limited to email templates, social media templates, marketing & collateral, packaging, onboarding & sales presentations. More services can be requested.
Is the Design VIP Day suitable for any kind of business?
Yes, the Design VIP Day is suitable for all types of businesses who want to elevate their brand design in a condensed timeframe.
What is the timeline for the Design VIP Day?
The Design VIP Day is scheduled for a duration of one day (8 hours). It depends on how you want to make it work in terms of the designs you need. We can allocate all the hours in one day or spread them around the week.