Get set, brand go! Vision to brand in one week.

In a single week, we concentrate solely on creating or evolving your brand. From day one, we dive into understanding your vision, combining your insights with our expertise. Our goal? To collaboratively craft a cohesive and impactful brand. Through a dedicated and iterative process, we ensure that by the end of the week, you're equipped with a distinctive brand identity poised to make a significant impact.
Three professionals are in a close discussion over a laptop at a meeting table. On the left is a bald man with glasses, in the center is a woman with her hair in a bun and wearing glasses, and on the right is a woman with curly hair. They all appear deeply focused on the content displayed on the screen, indicative of a collaborative work session. The ambient lighting and blurred café-style background create a casual yet intense brainstorming atmosphere.
The art of brand creation: the hassle…
You struggle to articulate your vision: Trying to build something meaningful, you find it hard to express your brand's unique vision, feeling stuck in a cycle of misaligned efforts.
Your brand gets muddled: without clear purpose and guidelines, your brand's identity gets watered down as everyone has their own interpretation. It's like your message is getting lost, confusing your customers.
You get distracted by branding details: you're caught up micromanaging your brand's image, diverting attention from bigger strategic objectives.
Christa and Liza Ponce from Bonito Studio are engaged in a friendly conversation while seated comfortably on a gray sofa with blue and gray pillows. Liza on the left, wearing a cream cable-knit sweater and jeans, is holding a notebook and pen, appearing to be taking notes or sharing ideas. Christa on the right is in a relaxed white blouse and jeans, attentively listening and smiling. The room is filled with natural light, emphasizing a cozy and collaborative atmosphere. There's a laptop in the foreground, suggesting a casual business setting.
Two individuals are interacting with a geometric string art installation. One person is partially visible on the left, wearing a cream sweater and adjusting the strings. Only the hands of the second person are visible on the right, seemingly touching or guiding the strings. The strings create a web of straight lines against a white background, providing a sense of creativity and collaboration in an artistic or workshop setting. A dried plant arrangement adds a touch of nature to the scene.
Creativity, data-driven insights, and collaborative ideation converge to accelerate your brand's growth and impact
You have clarity and consistency in how your brand is represented across various internal and external touchpoints.
You follow a blueprint to maintain and amplify your brand's identity in the future.
You, your team, and everyone who works with you are aligned with your business goals, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Brand Sprint

Brand Sprint

Brand Sprint

Brand Sprint

Brand Sprint

Brand Sprint

Brand Sprint

Brand Sprint

Brand Sprint

In today’s fast-paced world, your brand can’t afford to wait.
A dynamic, one-week, full-focus sprint dedicated entirely to developing your brand. Tailored for change-makers, from solopreneurs to purpose-driven companies, our service is designed to elevate your brand swiftly and effectively.

Brand Sprint

Timeline: 1 week
A turbocharged branding experience designed to efficiently and comprehensively create or refresh your brand identity.
What's included

Open comms throughout the week

2x 120-minute Brand Strategy workshops on Monday
60-minute check in on Tuesday and Thursday
120-minute Brand Launch on Friday
Slack channel

Master brand strategy

Custom brand identity

One selected design direction: logo suite including primary logo, secondary logo, alternate logo, and brand mark; curated colour palette and typographies pairings; photography direction; homepage design; do’s & don’ts.

brand book

brand assets & cross-channel collateral

Investment: €12,000

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This is how we’ll do it

A cheerful Liza Ponce from Bonito Studio sits in a bright, airy room with large windows, casually holding a stylus and a digital tablet with a foldable cover. She is wearing a black shirt and a necklace, and is seemingly engaged in a conversation with someone opposite her, whose silhouette is slightly visible in the foreground. The environment suggests a creative and collaborative workspace.

Initial consultation

We start with a thorough discussion to fully understand your project's scope, ensuring no detail is missed.
Christa Ponce from Bonito Studio in a coral blouse sits at a wooden table, working on a laptop and using a digital drawing tablet with a stylus. There's a glass of water beside her, and she appears focused on her screen. The room has a classic feel with a decorative marble fireplace in the background.

Roadmap creation

We outline a roadmap of deliverables, setting transparent expectations for the project.
Christa Ponce from Bonito Studio is viewed from behind while working at a wooden desk on a laptop with a colorful screen, displaying a creative project. She is using a digital graphic tablet and stylus, indicating that she iis engaged in graphic design work. Christa is wearing a coral-colored top, and there's a clear glass of water on the desk, with a classic style door and wall in the background.

Iterative Development

Through a cycle of feedback-driven iterations, we deliver the project exceeding your expectations.

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Frequently asked questions
How long does the Brand Sprint service take?
The Brand Sprint service is designed to be completed within one week, consisting of five days of intensive brand development.
How active is our participation expected to be throughout the brand sprint process?
We need you all in! We will schedule a discovery call to align our understanding and kickstart the brand strategy workshop. From there, we will have check-ins, focus days, and ultimately, a brand launch. Our team will be in constant communication with you throughout the week to ensure a collaborative and successful branding experience.
Can the Brand Sprint service help align my team and stakeholders with our business goals?
Yes, one of the benefits of the Brand Sprint service is that it helps align you, your team, and everyone who works with you with your business goals. By providing a cohesive and impactful branding blueprint, the service ensures that all stakeholders are on the same page, giving you a competitive edge in the market.