Team GB House

Located at the beautiful, historic Pavillon D'Armenonville, minutes from the heart of central Paris, Team GB House is your ultimate home for the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. With celebrity hosts, live music and fine dining, you'll have front-row seats to all the live action on big screens – plus the exclusive chance to meet Team GB athletes of past and present. When it comes to experiencing this summer's Games, there's simply no competition.

Website Design & Development


Client: Team GB House

Art Direction & Design: Bonito Studio

Website development: Bonito Studio

Photography: Team GB

the challenge

Team GB House serves as a hub of excitement during the Olympics, offering a plethora of activities, exclusive guest appearances, and tiered experiences that cater to various audiences. Despite the richness of this offering, their existing website was failing to translate interest into sales. Visitors were dropping off before completing their purchases, largely due to a lack of clarity and engagement in the digital presentation of their offerings.

A split image showing two devices displaying content related to Team GB House for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. On the left, a laptop screen shows a webpage titled "Olympic Legends in the House" with profiles of four athletes: Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill, Sir Chris Hoy, Dame Laura Kenny, and Sir Mark Cavendish. On the right, a smartphone screen features a page about "An Evening with Sir Mark Cavendish," highlighting an event with the cyclist, including details about the Q&A session and entertainment, with a "FIND OUT MORE" button. The background is dark, emphasizing the screens' vibrant content.
our approach

To tackle this issue head-on, we embarked on creating a dedicated microsite that would encapsulate the essence of Team GB House. Here’s how we did it:

1. Understanding the brand and audience

Before diving into the design and development, we immersed ourselves in Team GB’s brand guidelines. This ensured that every element of the microsite would resonate with their established identity, maintaining consistency in colors, typography, and tone. Understanding the audience was equally critical. We identified that visitors were primarily sports enthusiasts, families, and corporate groups looking for unique Olympic experiences.

2. Building a narrative-driven microsite

We structured the microsite around a compelling narrative that guided visitors through the Team GB House experience. Each page was meticulously crafted to tell a part of the story:

  • Home page: An engaging introduction to Team GB House, highlighting its unique value proposition.
  • Ticket info: Clear, tiered ticket options that outlined what each package included, emphasising the benefits and exclusive opportunities.
  • About the experience: A detailed look at the memorable activities and experiences on offer, from meet-and-greets with athletes to interactive Olympic-themed events.
  • Event Schedule: A dynamic calendar showcasing the activities and guest appearances, helping visitors plan their visits.
  • FAQs: all the questions and answers related to tickets, dates, purchase, location, activities, etc.

3. Enhancing user experience

A seamless user experience was crucial. We focused on intuitive navigation, ensuring that visitors could effortlessly find information and move through the purchasing funnel. Each page was designed with clear calls-to-action, encouraging visitors to learn more, explore ticket options, and make a purchase.

4. Optimising for conversions

We employed best practices in conversion rate optimisation (CRO) to ensure that the microsite wasn’t just informative, but also persuasive. Key strategies included:

  • Trust signals: Featuring logos of sponsors and partners, guests, and clear refund policies.
  • Mobile optimisation: ensuring a flawless experience on mobile devices, as a significant portion of visitors accessed the site via smartphones.

Our collaboration with Team GB demonstrates the power of strategic, narrative-driven digital solutions in enhancing user engagement and driving sales. By aligning closely with their brand and focusing on the user journey, we transformed their digital presence, effectively communicating the value of the Team GB House and making it easier for visitors to become part of this unique Olympic experience.

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Three smartphones display different pages related to Team GB House for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The left phone shows a "HIGHLIGHTS" page with images of people socializing and celebrating, and text about gaining full access to Team GB House. The middle phone displays an "EXPLORE OUR EVENTS" page with a list of events, including an Opening Ceremony Watch Party and a Dive into the Relays event, both with "Buy tickets" buttons. The right phone features a detailed page for "Day 5: An Evening with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill," including a picture of Jessica Ennis-Hill, event details, and a "Buy tickets" button. The background is light with a subtle pattern.
A dynamic image showing a tablet and two smartphones against a vibrant red background, displaying different pages related to Team GB House website for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. The tablet screen shows an "EXPLORE OUR EVENTS" page with event details and images, including an Opening Ceremony Watch Party and other activities. One smartphone screen displays a page for "An Evening with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill," featuring event details and a "FIND OUT MORE" button. The other smartphone shows highlights from the event, with images of people enjoying celebrations and meeting athletes. The devices appear to be floating, emphasizing the interactive and engaging experience of the website.A tablet displaying a webpage for Team GB House, focused on an event titled "Day 5: An Evening with Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill." The page features a large image of Jessica Ennis-Hill holding a Union Jack flag, along with event details, date, time, and location. The event description highlights an opportunity to hear insights from the Olympic gold medalist. The page includes options to purchase tickets, with a prominent "BUY TICKETS" button. The background is a dark, minimalist setting, emphasizing the screen's content.

Our client's thoughts

Liza and Christa made the whole project a breeze. They're always communicative, flexible and quick to act upon requests big and small. The process was rooted in strategy, and from the get-go, the roadmap was made clear and driven by Discovery. Ultimately, Bonito gave us a fast, effective solution to connect fans to Team GB House, and made our brand expressive and vibrant throughout.

Dom Taylor
Team GB
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