bonito is a cross-media creative studio.

With our personal and colorful approach, we create strategy and design with production across all platforms, specializing in creative project management, branding, and art direction.

We build brands that create strong and deep relationships with people and empower businesses. We believe in creating authentic brands that connect and impact people all over the world.

Bonito Studio is based in Belgium and working worldwide.

Meet our founder,

Christa Ponce-Torfs!

Picture of Christa, the founder of Bonito Studio small version
Picture of Christa, the founder of Bonito Studio

Christa is a proud designer and marketer by profession, but most importantly… by choice. Based in Belgium, she helps clients from all over the world to accomplish their best storytelling.

With a degree in Graphic Design, Advertising and Marketing in hand, her experience lies in multiple fields of design. While having lived her entire life in Guatemala, in 2016 Christa made the bold move by relocating to Belgium and further developing her career there.

In 2020 Bonito Studio was born as a creative hub focused on developing young creatives' potential and creating strong, emotional, relatable design stories for its clients.

Whenever Christa's not designing and going through the web falling in love with creative work, she tries out new Mexican (or other Latin) recipes, learns Dutch (the struggle is real, so all Dutch subtitled series, movies and podcasts help), or bringing color into her and others’ lives.

Our values

We are a small and bonito (pretty) studio. This allows us to deliver quality work and give our best each day. Working with passion, creativity and a warm human approach for each one of our clients, is what we do.


We put a lot of effort in building and maintaining healthy, productive relationships with our partners and suppliers. It is our belief that choosing nice people, great projects and experimentation above money, brings the most rewarding results.

Bring it on

We are eager to educate ourselves. That’s why we always keep on learning and trying new things. "Yes, we can" is something you'll hear from us regularly, and even if we're not sure how right now, believe us, we will deliver.

illustration small version
illustration small version


It's in our (Latin American) DNA. We put our heart and soul into each one of our clients' projects. We deliver bold, colorful, warm and lively stories and design to suit your specific needs.


We are part of the 0,1% of creative agencies founded by women (in a world where most consumer purchases are driven by women). We believe in empowering women and younger generations into a more acceptable and diverse future. Let’s lift each other up!

Social projects

One of our core values is to use our creative skills to create change. We spend part of our time supporting causes that are important to us. We believe in an abundance mindset where giving back means making a difference.

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